How to use Andiya menstrual cup

Using Andiya Cup is not difficult or complicated at all, everything you try for the first time will seem strange, but don't worry, because you only have to do it once and next time you will be more professional and then We are learning from you :) We have tried to explain the process of using Andia Cup in a simple and useful way, so just follow a few steps in sequence and that's it, welcome to the new world of Andiya, that's it!

نحوه استفاده از کاپ قاعدگی آندیا

Before using in every menstrual period, definitely, definitely and definitely! Disinfect the cup in boiling water

For this purpose, choose a container in which it is possible to move the cup easily, then fill it with water so that the cup can be completely immersed in the water, now, without the
cup touching the bottom or sides of the container, let it sit for 10 minutes

Cups should never be used without disinfection

Hand washing

After sterilizing the Andiya menstrual cup, wash your hands with mild soap and water and suitable hand washing liquids.

Now we have to fold the cup

There are practical methods for folding the menstrual cup or folding menstrual cups, the three models you see here are among the most famous and most used methods of folding the menstrual cup, you can decide which one to use by trying these models

-If necessary, you can use water-based lubricants or lubricants for easier placement at this stage.
In the following video, you can see the instruction of various folding methods.


At the time of insertion, try to do this calmly and keep your muscles relaxed. After folding the cup, now we have to insert it into the vagina. Stand or sit or whatever position you feel more comfortable and insert the folded cup into the vagina. When the whole cup is inside, gently release your finger to open the cup
Contract and release your pelvic floor muscles several times so that if the cup was not opened properly, this will cause it to open and be placed in the right place. Also, to be sure, you can rotate your finger around the cup until you feel the round and oval part of the cup and feel it to be sure that there is no corner. Uneaten and completely opened

- If you feel that there is a fold or depression, gently take the main part of the cup (supporting rings) and turn it a little (do not turn from the trailing part of the cup)
- To ensure the created suction, you can take the cup from the trailing part and pull it out slowly and very little. In this case, you will fully notice the suction and locking of the cup, and the resistance of the cup to be removed is completely evident.
​​​​​​​​- The angle of inserting the cup should be towards the end of the spine (according to the anatomy of the body that you see in the photo) and you should not insert it vertically.

Up to 8 hours of relaxation

We are glad that you stepped into a new world, now you can use Andia Cup for 8 hours

We recommend that if you don't have enough experience in using the cup and it's the first time you start using it, empty the Andia menstrual cup every 4 hours to know the intensity of your period so that you can guess the right one. Time to empty it

- The whole cup with the tail should be inside the body, that is, nothing should be felt outside the body! The tail is for easy access and quick finding of the cup inside the body, later you can shorten it according to where the cup is placed inside the body, this is shown in the video.
Under no circumstances should you shorten the cup when it is inside your body

- If this is your first experience using a cup, we recommend that you use the pad together with the cup a few times so that it does not penetrate your clothes in case of a leak, so that you are fully familiar with its fit.​​​​​​​

Remove, store and reuse - that's it!

To remove the cup, wash your hands again with mild soap and water, as in the insertion phase, be in a suitable position that you feel comfortable with, do not contract your muscles, take the cup with your finger and press a little until the suction between the vaginal wall. Now remove the cup calmly
After taking it out, keep it facing up and empty the contents of the cup into the toilet or sink, then rinse with cold water. If necessary, you can wash with mild soap and water after rinsing, now repeat the steps of inserting and placing the cup.
When the menstrual period is over and you have emptied its contents and washed it with cold water, boil the cup again for 5 minutes, dry it with a clean cloth and put it in its own bag which is next to the cup and keep it until the next period.

- Do not use the sequence to remove, in the video we showed how to remove in more detail
- Make sure that after removing the Andiya Cup and washing it, the air holes that perform the suction are clean and open.

Full video of how to use the Andiya menstrual cup

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