Andiya Menstrual Cup Sterilization and Maintenance Guide
(special recommendations)

Every equipment that is purchased needs care and maintenance, from the menstrual cup to all the reusable items that are around us, so we need to learn a few things.
Considering that the menstrual cup is placed inside the body, we should always try to observe hygiene and cleanliness during its use, and with proper maintenance, we will be of the menstrual cup for many years.


_ At the beginning of each menstrual period, the menstrual cup must be sterilized, do not use a small container for boiling and sterilization, this will cause the cup to come into constant contact with the wall of the container and burn, so it is better to consider a larger container for this work.
And if the amount of water in the container is low, boiling may cause water vapor and the cup will burn!

_ Use it immediately after sterilizing and boiling the cup, using a sterilized cup after a few hours or days is completely wrong and never do this, please!

_ Can we disinfect the menstrual cup in the microwave?!
You can use water and pot! But if you want to do this in the microwave, you can use the Andiya sterilizer, which is made for this purpose, pour a little water in it and put the menstrual cup in it, then put it in the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes and let it be disinfected

Tips before use

Using time

_ After the period of placing the cup inside the body, when you empty the contents of the cup, be sure to wash it immediately with cold water.
_ Be sure to wash your hands before removing the cup and when reinserting it
_ Do not use aromatic soaps and very strong detergents and hot water to wash the cup because it causes sensitivity, inflammation and skin irritation.

Use of cup in camp and nature

We recommend that you carry a bottle of water with you so that you can feel at ease about washing
_ If you are at the beginning of your period and it is not possible to boil the cup and sterilize it, it is better to use other menstrual hygiene devices.

After the end of the period

After the end of the menstrual period, boil the Andiacup for 5 minutes and store it in its own bag until the next period.
You can let the cup dry in the open air or dry it with a clean towel
_ Do not put the cup inside plastic bags or bags that do not allow free air to flow inside. You can wash the special bag in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Changing the color of the menstrual cup

Due to the accumulation of blood hemoglobin and the high coloring property, color change is a completely natural thing about menstrual cups, and the partial darkening of the color does not cause a problem in the performance of the cup in any way (the pigments used in Andiya menstrual cups are completely hygienic and medical)
But to renew the cup, you can use this method:
Get some 3% hydrogen peroxide, put the cup in it for 5 minutes and then wash it with plenty of water, or you can mix it in equal proportions with water and let the cup sit in it overnight

After going through all the steps, be sure to repeat the disinfection and sterile operation.

This problem may rarely occur, but one of the most important reasons for causing the cup to smell is putting the cup inside the body for more than 8 to 12 hours, and to prevent the cup from smelling, make sure to wash it with cold water after emptying the contents every time. Rinse, this increases the life of the cup and prevents sensitivity and color change!
To remove the smell of the cup, you can wash it with fresh lemon juice or let it stay inside for a few minutes!
After going through all the steps, be sure to repeat the disinfection and sterile operation.

Odor removal

The role of holes on the menstrual cup

The holes on the menstrual cup are designed to create suction between the cup and the vaginal wall so that it fits properly inside the body.

We must make sure that the holes on the cup are open after each wash or after the period is over. To wash the holes more easily, fill the Andiya Cup with water and place your palm on it. Now, turn the cup inside your hand. It is placed and by pressing the cup, the water comes out of the holes with pressure, repeat this several times.​​​​​​​

Andiya menstrual cup is considered a better alternative to disposable menstrual products, it helps in saving costs, it protects the earth and our planet by producing less waste and biocompatibility, and it gives a sense of comfort and freedom of action.

If we want to throw away the cup due to the end of the cup's life or if it is torn, we can put the menstrual cup in non-recyclable dry waste.

Due to the fact that the cup is made of completely renewable and environmentally friendly materials, we can burn the cup, which turns into white ash that does not release any harmful substances, is free of toxic substances, and is not dangerous for nature at all.

Special recommendations

_ In case of tearing or any other event that leads to a change in shape
The cup must be changed

_ Washing hands before and after each use should not be forgotten

​​​​​​​​_ There may be a few drops of blood after placing the menstrual cup inside the body
There is (residual blood in the vagina after removal) that after
Place your finger around the cup to remove excess blood
And then wash your hands.

_ Remove the cup before sex

_ Consult a gynecologist for simultaneous use with an IUD

_ Do not use very strong and fragrant detergents, because of the texture of silicone​​​​​​​

Do not share your menstrual cup with others!

_ Boiling the cup before and after each menstrual period should be done

_ Do not use the cup for bleeding after delivery

_ The cup is not lost inside the body, it may be a little higher after sleeping
Try again for 30 minutes, get help from the pelvic floor muscles and it
Press down

_ Menstrual cup does not prevent pregnancy!

_ Menstrual cup does not protect against sexually transmitted infections

_ Do not use the cup for more than 8 hours

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