What is a menstrual cup?
History, buying guide, how to use and training video

What is a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cup is a new generation of menstrual hygiene products
 is a better alternative to sanitary pad and tampons, which has been highly regarded in different countries of the world due to its greater benefits than other menstrual products, and the number of women who use cups every day Menstruation is added to other menstrual hygiene products.
Menstrual cup is a soft and flexible device that is placed inside the vagina and collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, and after 8 hours it can be emptied and reused.
And there is no need to use sanitary pad and tampons anymore!

History of menstrual cup:
Science, technology, medical knowledge, every day and every second and every moment is evolving and progressing and updating so that we humans can experience a more comfortable and easier life, and these changes include many things around us, and menstrual health is one of these issues. It is not an exception
Certainly, the life of women in the past was very different from today's life! And menstrual cups have many similarities with today's world of women, and this has made the fans of menstrual cups increase day by day and are not willing to go back to the world before the cup.
The first menstrual cups were made in 1950, but they were completely different from today's versions and were not made of safety materials and did not have a proper design, for many reasons at that time it failed, but later the cups were tested and tested for errors. It was placed a lot, which included a lot of advantages, until gradually the cups reached today's evolved shape and material, which are completely compatible with the anatomy of the body and are made of completely safe materials.
In the figure below, you can see an example of advertisements and basic menstrual cups 70 years ago.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

how to use
تاریخچه ی کاپ قاعدگی

Ease of use, reusability, cost-effectiveness, cleanliness, long usage time (8 hours),  nature-friendly, without causing allergies, without inflammation and without dryness are the advantages of the menstrual cup​​​​ ​​​​​​

How to use a menstrual cup

Almost all companies producing menstrual cups have a common usage method and all brands follow a single instruction.
A very important point when using the cup is to be patient and practice.
According to surveys and opinions received from menstrual cup users, it has been determined that most people master it after a few periods of using the cup, and practicing and using different insertion methods will be of great help in the process of using it. .
There are various videos and tutorials in the field of menstrual cups on social networks, and Andiya's Instagram also specializes in teaching various topics about Andiya cups.
The use of educational videos can lead to a better understanding of the anatomy of the body and a correct understanding of the placement of the menstrual cup in the body.
Therefore, you can use the Andiya TV section or search for the word "how to use menstrual cup" on the YouTube site to access many videos.

Andiya has considered 6 simple steps to use the menstrual cup, which include the following:
1-Boiling the menstrual cup  2-Washing hands  3-Folding  4-Inserting 5-Removing 6-Reuse and maintenance

روش استفاده از کاپ قاعدگی

 The difference between menstrual cups and size selection method

We are all different in terms of physical condition, lifestyle and body anatomy
This has caused menstrual cups to be made in two sizes, small and medium, which each person can choose according to their unique circumstances.
Menstruation intensity (amount of monthly bleeding) - Pregnancy and childbirth - Lifestyle and exercise - Cervical height - Age
It is the influential factors in choosing the right size

size guide
menstrual cup
andiya menstrual cup

By going to the page related to training on the use of the menstrual cup, you can study the method of using the Andiacup in more detail​​​​​​

The role of the menstrual cup in preserving the environment

Half of the world's people experience menstruation, menstruation is an inseparable event of the natural life cycle of every woman.
Imagine how much non-recyclable and completely harmful waste is produced
If only three sanitary napkins or tampons are used per menstrual period, in one period, 20 sanitary napkins and in one year each person has produced 240 sanitary napkins, which is an infectious waste, and this number is separate from nylon waste. It is the pads!
Each Andia menstrual cup can be used for 10 years:
And if sanitary napkins are used for 10 years, 2400 discarded sanitary napkins along with the accompanying waste will be left to the hands of nature and no one knows the fate of this waste....
A seemingly simple decision of ours will prevent millions of wastes from entering the nature, which means our land will remain green forever
And how beautiful it is to step on a path where the natural cycle of every human body does not cause any harm to the environment and the animals inside it.
Andia has a biocompatibility standard and no harmful substances for humans or nature have been used in it.
To respect nature, we have considered a gift for it, to make our contribution, however small, to everyone's ears
All Andia products contain seeds so that planting them is a gift for you and for nature
Together for a greener world

کاپ قاعدگی و محیط زیست

How to buy a menstrual cup and important points in buying a menstrual cup

Each brand and manufacturer has its own unique shape and design in making menstrual cups.
To choose the best menstrual cup brand, we must pay attention to 5 very important points:
1- Producer standards
2-Product standard
3- Production license from Food and Drug Organization
4- High-quality materials 
5- A sense of responsibility towards the customer
Below you can see the standards of the Andiya Cup

سبد خرید

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