How do you feel when half of the people on earth experience menstruation every month?
Or, with the advancement of technology, menstrual hygiene is reduced to sanitary pads and tampons!

Every month, due to the period, a very clear issue, which is considered as part of the natural cycle of the body, we have to experience many restrictions and our daily life is disrupted and changes a lot
From the completely wrong and traditional view of those around this issue to the tolerance of disposable menstrual hygiene products, with all the harm it causes to us and nature, only part of this seemingly simple issue....
Andiya company was established to improve the public health of the society

The feeling of urgent need in the field of women's health promotion and especially in the field of menstrual health, caused Andiya to start researching and developing the following structures and investigating global markets to find new products to answer this important need.

We went step by step with the world's science in the field of menstrual hygiene and started to build the new world of menstrual hygiene in Andiya.
Acquiring the ISO 13485 standard mark and international approvals was only part of this journey full of good feelings.

- We are with you to help the daily life of any woman, due to the natural cycle of the body, is not changed and disturbed, and this period is easier than ever.

​​​​​​​​- We are here to prevent millions of wastes from entering our nature and environment with a simple decision, this means saving our land for the future and keeping it green forever.

- We are trying to increase the level of awareness of the menstrual period, so that no woman is ashamed or afraid to mention this period and talk about it.

مجوز کاپ قاعدگی آندیا
استاندارد کاپ قاعدگی آندیا
مجوز کاپ قاعدگی آندیا سیب سلامت
کاپ قاعدگی آندیا دوست دار طبیعت
آندیا کاپ غذا و داروی آمریکا
شرکت واکر شیمی آلمان
سبد خرید

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