Menstrual cup is a new generation of menstrual hygiene products, which is popular all over the world, because it is a much better alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons. According to statistics, 98% of people who use the cup for the first time recommend it
to their friends and family! Andiya Menstrual Cup, having all international standards

​​​​​​​Easier, better, greener      ​​​​​​​

Imed certificate

ISO 13485    U.S CERT

Silicone medical grade

FDA  approved

How to use the Andiya menstrual cup

روش استفاده کاپ قاعدگی





When you first get ready for new sensations, you have a kind of strange fear, now you might say to yourself that using Andia Cup is difficult and complicated, but it is simpler than you even think, we tried this way of learning and using the menstrual cup simpler and easier, the catalog next to the product can guide you completely, if it is not enough for you, there is a more complete explanation in the user guide section of the site with a training video for Andiya Cup

How to use
روش استفاده ی کاپ قاعدگی
Andiya Menstrual cup
Menstrual cup
Andiya Menstrual cup
Andiya sterilizer case
Menstrual cup sterilizer case


Size selection

Stepping into the new world requires making the right choices, we all have differences from each other, for more comfort and a sense of peace
When you are menstruating, we have designed two cup models and will help you choose the right cup for you and enjoy your new world

Size guide
size menstrual cup
تاثیر کاپ قاعدگی در محیط زیست

Millions of wastes enter the cycle of nature by each of us, and the future of this land and its greenness may be our seemingly simple decisions! Every waste that we leave even in the trash can has a complicated fate waiting for it! What is the role of Andiya menstrual cup in preserving nature?!

​When sanitary pad were made for menstrual hygiene, about 60 years ago, it might not have occurred to them that it would take between 500 and 800 years for a sanitary pad to decompose in nature!! Every year, on average, every woman uses 240 sanitary pad and during 10 years, 2,400 used sanitary pad are thrown away, and this waste is separated from plastic and non-plastic waste with pads! I'm sure you know that every Andiya menstrual cup can be used for 10 years, yes, 10 years! This means preventing a large amount of waste from entering the environment and overall cost savings 

All the materials used in Andiya Cup are environmentally friendly, even the packaging of the product decomposes in nature

By buying each Andiya menstrual cup, in addition to showing more respect for your body, you will also step into a more beautiful world, We are happy because of this incident, so we have prepared a gift from Andiya for you to give a new life to nature in your new world, We have put flower seeds inside the package for you to plant

بذر گل در بسته بندی کاپ قاعدگی آندیا

You can participate in the sale of Andiya menstrual cups
in any part of the world

​​​​​​​We are ready to cooperate

To know the conditions of cooperation, please email us your information comprehensively
and accurately, we will find the easiest & better way to deliver Andiya to you

Email : info@

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